Meet the Makers

Hello everyone,I'm the owner of Winter & Willow Workshop. I started the business in 2018 casually after receiving requests to stitch things for people after they saw all the things I had created for Winter and Willow. Prior to that I spent my time as a early childhood educator and childcare worker. Now I find myself spending my days sewing the wonderful ideas and drawings that the girls come up with. They are so creative and love sharing their wild imagination through pretend play items. I am an avid crafter from painting to resin work to jewelry and I love collecting indoor plants. I have somewhere around 30 in the house. I also spent a lot of time doing rescue work with a local feline rescue called Kattered Tails here in Arizona. I do hold sales events where varying amounts of the proceeds will go to organizations that mean a lot to my family including Kattered Tails, BLM organizations as well as S.T.E.M for girls, and military Veterans.